One of the great attractions of the City of New York is your night, is a popular activity known as “nightlife.” Many of the visitors could not take the time to tour and meet and prefer to stay in their hotels. The minimum age to enter bars or nightclubs in the city is 21 years and is controlled very strictly requiring the submission of passport or ID.

Prices vary depending on the bar and a glass of wine, or his cola (whiskey which sometimes can be found in places like Luca Bar & Lounge) can cost you up to $ 9 plus 1 dollar usually left in gratuity for waiters. The most famous clubs and bars worth of calls or guest list guest list, thanks to which you can access (if you included) free or half price. If you’re not in it, you could prevent entry or must pay $ 25 without consumption.


The options for musical tastes are many, and there is something for everyone. Webster Hall is a disc that has three floors and five rooms of different musical styles like salsa, merengue, Hip-Hop, among others. Some of the most recommended are Rhone, Lotus, Avalon, Marquee, The Park, Plaid, and APT. If you want to be updated on the subject, you can enter LucaLoungeNYC.com.

Monthly they tend to perform different theme parties, such as Spanish or March Movida Latina, which are unmissable festivals and in which Spanish professionals or young Latinos residing in the city are concentrated.

Tricks to get into the best sites

gay-friendly-barIf you are a tourist, do not be included on the guest list and in those cases, the best you can do is go early (about 22 pm.) And dressed for the occasion.

  • If you are a man is important to know that it is important that your group includes an equal number of girls than boys and if possible, more as enough income to groups of kids alone is complicated.
  • If the situation is that, you should wait and see if you find any group of single girls to engage in conversation and see if you can enter with them, and even you could enter without spending a dollar if they are on the list.
  • As a last resort could alternatively assist in twos and inform whoever is at the entrance, who are tourists and not knowing anyone in the place are not listed, but went on the recommendation and, of course, the tip should be generous.
  • Usually, Luca Bar & Lounge close their doors around 4 am. and although there are after hours, we don’t recommend staying for that long.
  • If you want to go a bit further, you can get something to eat some of the many restaurants that stay open 24 hours of Park Avenue and 22nd Street.

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