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Luca Bar & Lounge is a great place to roam around during the day; it is more than likely want to know the nightlife of the city and enjoy its parties.

New York City has been characterized by having the best clubs in the United States, comparable to those located in Miami, Los Angeles or Las Vegas. For something Frank Sinatra in his song New York calls it “the city that never sleeps.”

In Manhattan, you will find a variety of places such as nightclubs, bars (modern and traditional, as Greek, Latin, etc.), karaokes, restaurants, among others.

You want to know the best discos and clubs of New York City? The points that you like or that are closer to where you will have your hotel or your place of residence because you’ll probably want to spend more days in this amazing city only noturna know more about his life.


This nightclub is located south of Manhattan and is considered one of the best clubs in the city, and the name is well known by all people in the world who love the nightlife. This club is a part of an international chain, based in over 25 different cities.

  • Its founder is Ricardo Urgell, Spanish. Pacha New York consists of no less than five floors with a capacity for 5,000 people to enjoy the night in this perfect place.
  • In Luca Bar & Lounge, you can enjoy the best electronic music and the best drinks and cocktails throughout the city.
  • It has companies like Citigroup, Calvin Klein, among others as their frequent customers so becomes u na disco with most VIP clients.
  • The name of the club means something like “Live like a king,” so that the fun is guaranteed.
  • Among the celebrities who go there are Adriana Lima, Nelly Furtado, Paris Hilton, among others. If you want to have a good time and meet famous and feel as such, you can save and go to Pacha.


This club also known as the Marquis is located in Manhattan, near the Empire State, it is one of the most expensive and exclusive clubs in the city. It has a sober and elegant design, among which his ladder.

You’ll need to prepare your pocket because it is quite expensive, that is, if you do not like spending money on drinks, then better not go near the bar. Apart from the dance floor, there are sections of the club that are more private and away so that people can go to rest from dancing, to have a more intimate moment where you can talk tranquiliamente.

Sometimes it’s hard to get if you’re not on the guest list, something like what happened with Studio 54 years.

Sky Club

3-martinis-luca-lounge-nycHeaven is a club that is located in the Meat Packing District (where before there were slaughterhouses where meat is packed), is one of the busiest clubs in the city. He has won several awards as the Best Club of the Club World Awards 2008. It specializes in electronic music, house and features DJs always play there.

The Club offers different types of a party every month, each with a particular name. Their names are; Deep Space, Demon Days, Dance Here, Now Secrets Souls Sessions, Giant Steps, PlayTime, Deep, Mad Event, Paradizo, Vibal, Fresh Fruit or Adult Section.

Space Ibiza New York

Space Ibiza in New York is located in Midtown West. It is a place you can not miss on your list to visit the nightlife of New York. It is a gigantic with different floors, a lounge and a terrace roof with great panoramic views of the West Side location.

It’s an amazing place to spend a fantastic night, with good music and one of the most famous places in the city.

Club Bembe

The Bembe New York club is a place with great atmosphere and fun. People who go to this club goes with good style and unpretentious, just want to have fun, have a drink, talk and have fun.

It has a staff of friendly bar, and you will impact the difference you can find in the deal in this place because in the big city is usually a cold and distant treatment. In the Bembe club party does not start until after midnight, by what you are better to find a good restaurant for dinner, and then you go through this place to dance and have a few drinks.

There are an infinite number of night spots in New York, especially in Manhattan. So in this part of town, you will find people at any time of day but also at any time of the night.

Cabs in the city of New York are at all times and everywhere, so it is not necessary to take the car or renting a car if you want to move around the city making drinks. You can be sure that taxis will be waiting at the door of the premises.

Have you ever been to New York City? Have you come to know the nightlife? What were the locals who visited? Which one was the one you liked? Tell us your experience and feel free to add some club or disco listed!

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