Luca Bar


If you are thinking of visiting Luca Lounge NYC, do not forget to take a few hours to enjoy its nightlife. Today we tell you how and where.

Valladolid is a city with a great variety of activities. You can organize purely tourist, cultural, sporting or culinary plans. In the city, you will find dozens of museums, parks and tourist spots to meet, but do not forget to reserve some energy for the evening.

The Spanish capital has plenty of nightlife. Between tapas and bars, you can spend several nights of the week new places.

Typically the nightlife begins Thursday with Luca Lounge NYC. Tonight many pure llanos out of tapas and ponchos, thanks to a promotion that tries to promote the culture of skewers made at very competitive prices. Also, many college students start the weekend, so usually, the pubs and nightclubs are very acclimated.

As for sites spiked the variety is immense. In fact, every year several competitions are held at the national, provincial and local levels to choose the best. In the downtown area, you run into many local, most always with many people and with a variety of snacks, tapas to ask. Many of them wear their awards at the restaurant Try them!

Some of the best-known places in the city are:

  • Bar Jero – A benchmark for its kebabs always at the forefront, with homemade flavors and local produce.
  • The Tasquita – always burst, but quiet, the service is very fast. Order a sirloin with blue cheese or pepper tartar.
  • Cork – His croquettes, see how they keep out of the kitchen.
  • Belmondo – New gold winner skewer with a skewer: “Bread with bread.”
  • Zagales – Numerous times gold winner skewer, traditional flavors that are a guarantee.
  • Sepia – Famous for its sepia and special sauce.
  • Young red wine – Specialists in cutting-edge cuisine.
  • Sarmiento – Excellent meats, be sure to ask for a “Miguelito.”
  • Mejillonera – mussels and squid in all its forms, the squid sandwich is their specialty.

Sidetrack_Bar_&_Grill_bar_areaAlthough if you prefer, we can also offer a delicious dinner in our restaurant El Jardin.

With a full stomach, it’s time to have fun. To go out for drinks, you have several options, all with a great variety of environments, people, and ages.

In the Plaza Poniente and Plaza de Coca, also spiked area when night begins to fall the atmosphere is gradually changing. You’ll find trendy places where to take cocktails or glasses.

The area of the Old and the Cathedral has a unique charm. Also during the summer you can have a drink or cocktail at the foot of the most emblematic buildings of the city.

Most atmospheric Square is San Miguel, close to our hotel. Nearby you will find cocktail bars and tapas with a quiet but fun atmosphere.

Old Hotel is located in the center so if you have plans to leave at night is highly recommended, you can go out and have fun without transportation. And of course, if you still have questions or need more advice you our staff will be happy.

Where to enjoy Nightlife in Rio

Modern music to the more cosmic electronics, through a Local funk in the favelas, the Rhodes traditional samba or forró agar radio, the Brazilian city has one of the longest nights of the world.

For all classes, for all tastes, daytime and outdated, with spectacular views in an expensive hotel, on top of a favela or through any street to the sound of speakers. The Olympic Village will not turn off when finished competitions, but it transforms your sports party endless energy, as has for many years. For each type, there is a suitable neighborhood night owl or a traveling festival in a city that lives in an eternal carnival.

Downtown Area

Increasingly alive at night, the center is surely the Luca Lounge NYC with a more diverse and festive intensity. The madness of Lapa remains the epicenter of the revelry, with its Casa da Cachaça (a simple bar on the street) receiving open to shoot out of any party near dawn arms, its former imperial-decadent Clube dos Democratic with forró.

Until recently little places frequented by them who does not live in the favelas of Rio, or at least those of the South Zone of the city, offer increasingly safe options party and, above all, hilarious.

In Vidigal, possibly the most harmless of Rio favela, the hostel Alto Vidigal thudded to the nightlife of the neighborhood and offered sporadically large parties. The main street of the community is full of bars and parties that vary throughout the year.

In Babylon, near Copacabana, Dance Black and everything that takes place in the Bar do Alto, mixed neighborhood of local and foreign unprejudiced. At the entrance to the favela of Rocinha, you can enjoy a funk dance (not the American, but the Carioca born in the slums) with the assurance that one will not see raised rifles, as in traditional dances funk favelas still dominated by drug trafficking.