The cliché of ‘the city never sleeps’ becomes real in New York, especially in Manhattan. This small island buzzes with nightlife district with bars open until dawn, sophisticated cocktails and local clubs to the last, where the world’s best DJs entertain the most cosmopolitan Yorkers.

Luca Bar & Lounge, which occupies from 14th Street to Houston, east of Broadway, is known for its many bars that stay open late, and small concert halls like the famous CBGB, a favorite place for an amateur clientele music rock.

The Lower East Side, a neighborhood whose history has suffered many ups and downs. The area has a similar to the East Village atmosphere.

Soho is the capital of fashion, and its clubs attract artists, models, and characters from the media. The gay scene is concentrated around the bars in the West Village, which also has a lively variety of jazz clubs. Gramercy, with its elegant cocktail bars, is the new Soho.

Local, clubs and lounges downtown (Midtown) and the Upper East and Upper West Side also satisfy the finest tastes. However, the best discos and clubs are now in the so called Meatpacking Disrict.

The usual closing time the clubs are 0400, although many local stays open all night. An ever – changing variety of local after hours offers entertainment until dawn. However, it is illegal to serve alcohol between 04.00 and 08.00 and from 24.00 on Sundays. The minimum drinking age is 21 years. The photographic identification is mandatory.

Time Out New York is an excellent source of information about the nightlife of the city. It is published weekly and sold at newsagents and kiosks. Yelp is another excellent guide to restaurants and nightlife.

One night in court

  • In many films and TV series, we have seen how New Yorkers, when arrested, brought before the judge in the building of the Criminal Courts of Chinatown.
  • What many do not know is that anyone can enter and attend this unusual (and free) way of entertainment.
  • From 17.30 until past 1 is, cases occur in a kind of theater of everyday life in the city.
  • The lawyers argue, the defendants sit on the bench and those who are on bail disappear by mysterious corridors after room.
  • We can sit by the inmate or family background banks with law students and some curious New Yorkers.

If you do not know in which room to entering, officials can advise you the most unusual cases. Near the courthouse in Chinatown there are good restaurants, so we can take advantage and plan to mount a good night out.

Apple for night owls

Bar_bus_terminalNew York is one of the cities with most laptops and iPads computers per capita. The best proof of this cult to digital is the megastore Apple at the corner of 59th and Fifth Avenue; a huge glass cube illuminated like a beacon and open 24 hours.

It is a good place to see the latest models but also to bring to fix our laptop in case of emergency: the Genius Bar is open every day and full of stressed students and professionals who need to repair their computers. In summer, at night, the Midnight Mix convenes top-notch DJs who manage, using Macs and iPods exclusively, almost magical sounds to move the skeleton from midnight to 2 am.

Queen of the Night

The New York night live mainly in Times Square and the neighboring stretch of Broadway between streets 40 and 47; lights and crowds at all hours of day and night. The key is Broadway shows, but the whole area is full of stimuli for night owls, such as the View Lounge at Marriot Marquis, or the Broadway City Video Arcade, open all night to give the classic video games.

An evening stroll through Times Square is always stimulating, with icons as diverse as the ticker Reuters that keeps us abreast of the last hour, the police lit up like a restaurant or McDonald’s 42nd Street, projecting cartoon on the restaurant walls all day and all night.

Gymnastics for insomnia

Those who can not sleep can always try to do some exercise; it is said to help relax. The island is full of gyms open twenty four hours on weekdays, although most close a few hours overnight on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

One that does is open 24 hours, and every day of the week is the Fitness Club, not as complete as others, but with an unbeatable schedule (47 West 14th St between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue, Manhattan).

Scattered throughout the city, the New York Sports Club are another good option, available from 5 am Monday to 22 Saturday and centers the chain 24 Hour Fitness, with a similar approach.

Sports light Manhattan

Outside the gyms, there are also many opportunities to stay fit. In public tennis Hudson River Park, just below Canal Street, you can play tennis all day, although it is better to wait for nightfall so that there are fewer people.

Another option is to travel sports bike Central Park after dark since there are so many people running. The company Time’s Up! Organizes evening bike rides in groups and free for Central Park and Prospect Park (also accept advantaged skaters). The point is Columbus Circle (for the walk through Central Park) and Grand Army Plaza in Blooklyn (for Prospect Park).

Luca Bar & Lounge guests can participate, cyclists of all levels because the pace is slow and many people go ahead to light the way. The tours begin at 22 am, the first Friday of the month, and 21, the second Saturday of the month (officially, the parks are closed from 1 to 5 am).

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