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Riding a bar or nightclub like Luca Bar & Lounge can become one of the best business ideas and profitable. This is because everyone needs a place to relax and drink occasionally. Although, it is necessary to note that when riding this type of night business runs the same risk as any other undertaking, which requires hard work and a good strategy.

Then I’ll take some steps or tips to consider when assembling a bar or nightclub (Bowling).

Step 1: Write a business plan

To define it in a simple way, a business plan is a document in which you should detail what will be your plan of action and the expenses necessary to initiate and this idea of activity. Also, you must include which will profit or losses estimated short term.

One of the fundamental things that you should keep in mind is that like any business entrepreneur must have sufficient funds to maintain the business running for at least three months.

Remember that you must list all the ideas that come to mind during the implementation stage, so you will not forget any details.

Step 2: Get permission to open a Bar / Nightclub

people-in-club-luca-lounge-nycTo mount a Bar, you must obtain the appropriate permissions so you can operate your business, either a bar or nightclub. Also, you should find out that transmits need to make because the rules for selling alcohol vary depending on the city where you are. Usually, it is quick, and it is only an individual share of the mayor of their town.

Step 3: Find a good location

At this stage you should be smart, you must identify a place which is perfect for customers, meaning that there is much movement of people (preferably central locations). Also, the site will have to be a safe place, remember that a bar or nightclub is usually open all night.

Another thing you should consider is the building, try to find a place that is suitable for this type of business, so save a lot of money on your remodeling. And if possible, consult a designer, so get good ideas for the corresponding improvement.

Step 4: Hiring staff and obtaining insurance

At this stage, you should start with the recruitment of staff for the bar. Once this is done, and you can include more personal, such as waiters, security, cleaners and managers.

You should note that this is only the beginning, so try to get a staff that is easy to maintain and operate. Also, you must obtain insurance for each person, so you will be protected if that cause some unexpected losses.

List of Great Clubs

Marbella is a town with superb beaches as well as enjoyable clubs. It offers both tourists and locals many options to enjoy the night with its numerous night clubs and pubs where one can enjoy their drink and music.

1. Nikki Beach

The Nikki Beach is a popular location in Marbella Beachfront busy by famous national and international scene. Just 15 minutes from downtown this property offers you the opportunity to sunbathe while enjoying a glass of champagne under lush palm trees.

The entertainment until morning is assured. Parties under the stars in an elegant place with exquisite food.

luca lounge nyc

2. Lineker’s

If you’re a fan of the sport and you like to enjoy the Marbella night, this is your place. Lineker is a sports bar that evening turns into a club that does not go unnoticed. His dance usually attracts celebrities and VIPs not hesitate to be seen there and enjoy the electrifying atmosphere.

Also, if you take all night dancing and prefer to take a break, you can climb to the top floor where you find a bar, a pool table, and a more relaxed atmosphere. Lineker is a place you must visit if you go to Puerto Banus for its good music, VIP sections, and the friendly staff.

3. Funky Buddha

This London-style nightclub is attractive to people of the coast and the wealthy and famous socialites of Marbella. This club is home to individuals who have the means to spend above average for a night of fun and drinks.

As the name suggests has an oriental decoration with figures of Buddha, Indian rugs and colorful decoratives to show its elegance. It is an expensive place where you can enjoy a huge dance floor and several VIPs to reserve tables.

4. Tibu

TIBU is right in the center of Puerto Banus luxury. Inside, the gogos occupy the podiums while DJs mix of funky rhythm. This club is go-to of young ones who love fashion. Despite its elegance, their drinks are reasonably priced, and they also have separated VIP areas for those who don’t want to get distracted by the noisy dance floor.

5. Pangea

If you like house music, another local to visit is Pangea, located in the marina, in the heart of Puerto Banus. The property has a rooftop outdoor exudes luxury and offers unparalleled panoramic views of the Mediterranean, Strait of Gibraltar and North Africa. In summer you can dance the most sensual rhythms while enjoying a cocktail in the moonlight.

Best Clubs in New York


The night is coming, and if you have the strength to go out for a drink after walking like crazy all day, or want to live the nightlife experience, surely you cringe feeling of having no idea what are the best options.

  • It becomes difficult to make a decision if you do not know and if you add the variable not to fall into the typical, more sophisticated even tourist places, so, here’s the solution.
  • Today I leave a selection of bars, of all styles to find yours, only some of the best restaurants in the city.
  • So no more excuses to have fun and try a different one every night.
  • Remember that the evening begins much earlier than in BA, and these bars are full of people from 18: 30h or 19: 00hs.
  • Do not forget to consult the other notes hidden bars and the best terraces in NY and you’re ready to enjoy the best nights of NY.


I already told you about this hotel in the note on terraces but worth remembering! A dance bar on the sixth floor, which has internal spaces and a terrace with beautiful sunset views over Manhattan. It has no dress code so that you can go casual, and has DJ every night.

Good cocktails as the Luca Bar & Lounge (Greenhook gin, Dolin Genepy des Alpes and lemon) and Vermont Daisy (WhistlePig rye, lemon, orange curacao and soda). Where? 80 Wythe Avenue

THE Tippler

drinks luca lounge nycThe brothers Tad Carducci and Paul Tanguay are the geniuses behind this bar after office this down the Chelsea Market. Try the Booty Collins (made with vodka infused with you powder, passion fruit, lemon, Yohimbe, and pepper), while waiting for tapas made with products of the same market. Where? 425 West 15th St

Tooker ALLEY

An unpretentious cocktail bar, located in Prospect Heights. Podes analyze the volume type menu or go direct the pages of cocktails served in corner formats, such as the Hobo Julep (Wild Turkey 101, cane syrup, bitter mentholated, soda) or spicy and sweet Jala-Pina (pineapple rum, honey, and lemon). 
 Where? 793 Washington Ave.


Decorated like a bar of años’70s Jimmy has a 360-degree view of the entire city. The cocktails are rotated according to the seasons although they have some classics throughout the year. Such as the Mexican Honey Bee (silver tequila, ginger syrup, lemon juice and honey). Where? 15 Thompson St.